this is what we do

We have wide experience in system design and architecture, cloud computing, media asset management, integrations, building of APIs and UI/UX design. This has included projects in several different technology stacks, and incorporating aspects in far reaching areas of knowledge such as Artificial Intelligence, distributed processing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, digital forensics and digital data preservation to name but a few.
And if you've got something we haven't seen before for us to sink our teeth in... Well then you've just made our day.

Software Engineering

Typically following the three-tier software architecture pattern, we adopt industry best-practices in coding style and security policies to ensure high quality products, usually laid out in RESTful APIs built in the Java EE framework.

Depending on project requirements, we then implement frontend applications to consume APIs, deployed in any shape (web, mobile, TV, toaster, coffee machine, you name it!).
For managing our projects we adopt VOIDflow, based on the Agile manifesto, and inspired on Scrum, which we continuously inspect, adapt and improve. It is by no means set in stone, as we privilege whichever approach clients feel more comfortable with, and we’ve had the occasional project where the classic waterfall process just made more sense to everyone.

Our experience in software design and implementation supports not only our core development activity, but also our consulting services, that range from drafting specifications, auditing and due diligence processes of existing products, to performing the role of on-demand CTO.


The possibilities leveraged by Blockchain protocols are manyfold, and we witness creative new ways to exploit them everyday. Here at VOID, we keep a close watch on new trends, and jump on the opportunity to make the most out of them. So far, we’ve built projects that rely on metadata pushed to the Bitcoin blockchain to ensure chronologically time-stamped transactions that need to be irreversibly stored in a cryptographically secure way, but without depending on a centralised authority. This type of approach has sparked innovative software products already, but we’re always working on something new.

So, if you need to develop a Dapp or need technical guidance using Hyperledger blockchain, give us call!

Machine Learning / Data Science

Ask anyone who works or has worked at VOID what they were asked to talk about during their first interview, and you’ll get many different answers, except for one common topic across every single one of them: Data Science, and inherently, Machine Learning.

We’re making sure we stay on top of the industry’s best practices in this field, future-proofing our body of knowledge and evolving our code base every day to make the most of it in every project.

The efficiency of learning algorithms is, however, only as good as the data they learn from, and we are well aware that a thorough understanding of that data is of paramount importance in any development relying on it. We get deeply involved in our clients’ business logic and data sources, often creating new systems and approaches to improve data collection.

So if you feel there is additional value to be extracted from your data, get in touch - we’re ready to bet(*) that we’ll be able to surprise you with new ways to look at your business.

(*) we mean it

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Don’t get us wrong, we really like reality, and take healthy doses of it (almost) every day. But the fact is that we thrive in the deconstruction of existing concepts while creating something new in the process, so we feel that Augmented Reality (AR) is the ultimate playground to bring exciting new ideas to life.

We use state of the art frameworks and tools, which allow for rapid development of lightweight cross-platform mobile applications. Nevertheless, we’re always exploring recent trends and possibilities, and new challenges are always very welcome!

Mobile Application Development

After several published applications, we’ve gained vast experience in native iOS and Android development, as well as React Native. Past work has included Augmented Reality apps, video-intensive social networks, geolocation-based products and brand apps custom-built to each specific case.

During this time, we’ve compiled the knowledge acquired from navigating the bureaucratic processes imposed by the two main app stores (Apple Store & Google Play), which we share with our clients beforehand so that careful consideration can be given to the way these products will be presented to the general public, while keeping with the applicable rules, in order to minimize the time required between building and making an app available in all its glory.

Web Applications

From low-res sketches, to high fidelity functional mockups and to implementation of web frontends, our designers will prioritise the User Experience in the construction of our interfaces, guaranteeing ease of use and a modern look and feel. Depending on the project requirements, we allocate resources experienced in JSF / PrimeFaces, HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript in various frameworks, such as Backbone / Marionette or React.

Desktop Applications

In a mobile-first world, it’s easy to forget about plain old desktop applications. Nevertheless, there are use cases where a local instance, with direct access to the filesystem and other connected resources are required. Building primarily on the JDK (Java Development Kit) and favouring the JavaFX framework, we have solid experience in creating modern-looking applications that can run in an unlimited number of operating systems.

Cybersecurity / Digital Forensics

Let’s get one thing straight: our founders have been here for a while, since cybersecurity was just another game we were playing as kids, and cross-site scripting, buffer overflows or plain ol’brute forcing of passwords were effective weapons in getting to the next level of what then seemed like harmless tricks to pull on the newbies that got online everyday. A lot has happened since then, and cybersecurity became a very serious and present matter, but it has always been in our DNA and we’ve always kept up to date in a very natural way, embedding security best practices in all of the software we build and the servers that we run.

Eventually, we decided to make this expertise available to our clients, who have growing needs in the field - not only because it makes sense from a business perspective, but also due to the fact that it’s becoming a matter of legal compliance. Simultaneously, we’re increasingly focused in the related field of digital forensics: the fast pace at which malware propagates, and breaches increase in sophistication, means that beyond protection against penetration, enterprises need to accurately diagnose occurrences and prepare for adequate incident response (and again, it may be a matter of legal compliance).

The know-how we’ve acquired in the field additionally places us in a privileged position to undertake in-depth audits and rapid data discovery processes, assisting both public and private entities in investigation cases and due diligence procedures - field of work that we feel will benefit greatly from this area of knowledge.

We can assist in your needs for: